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but first let me take a Selfieeeeeee ! :)
_MG_8853 copyHi, everyone! Happy sunday. I know this is late but... Welcome June!
My last month of being 20 haha. Counting down to turn into 21. MashaAllah :) Let us enjoy the time!

It's been a while since my last post, telling you about the event in Rotterdam with Hijab Hills. Yes I spent my last weekend in Rotterdam-Holland, and I had cool times! To be honest, it was kinda tiring because of some issues I got on my way to the event, But Alhamdulillah, I made it! I was there, at the event! I took a train to Amsterdam first before going to Rotterdam ( also by train ). I think,  I actually could just took a train directly from my city in Germany to Rotterdam, but what can I say.. I've bought the ticket with normal price to Amsterdam already. And there was no way I could change it. 

It took 5 hours from my city in Germany to Amsterdam by train. I had early morning train. and arrived in Amsterdam at 11. I gotta run to find the mechine ticket to buy the ticket to rotterdam, I had to be hurry because the boat ( Yes, This event held on a boat, cool hu ? ) would be leaving at 12.20 . I only got a very short time. The train took 40 minutes to be at Rotterdam from Amsterdam. I arrived in Rotterdam about 15 minutes before the boat was leaving. Thank God, my good Indonesian friend, Amy, wanted to accompany me during my time in Rotterdam. Because I myself had noo Idea, where this event would be held, this is my very first time to be in Rotterdam. So after arriving, We ran ran ran to where The boat would be leaving. again and again, just like those time when I was in malaysia to do the Photoshoot with Langstonhues,  I had my luggage on me haha. Running with my luggage and brought it in to the boat.

Everyone sooo well dressed that day, MashaAllah they were all look beautiful and fantastic! When I myself look like.... after having 6 hours on the train, ran like a chicken with my luggage , and I haven't put my eye makeup on yet. So, you could imagine How I was look like. Well... pardon mee... Traveller! lmao. But whatevs, I made it ! wohoo!

As I stepped in to the boat, I met Ruba. I was so excited to finally met her because She was the one who asked me to come, and also Imane from Fahion with faith. I was like... thinking for days , checked out my pocket , think again... and finally decided to come.
My first thought of being on the boat was " Where is the toilet ?" lmao, cause I wanted to be hurry, I gotta put my eye makeup on before everything's began. I didn't want to trouble anyone because of me being uncomfortable with my bald eye. I put my eyemakeup on in a hectic situation, and ended up looking... ugly. I messed up my eyeliner. but the event had to begin. uuu noo :'(
I had to put on my glasses, don't be ridiculous! So If you were there, You saw me at the begining of the event I was wearing my glasses on, you probably thought.. what the hell is this gurl doing? It's even dark here... It  was my eyeliner, behind this sunnies, girl.. I know you can understand :' hehe.

After introducting myself at the opening of the event, I run into the toilet again to fix my eyeliner hehe. finally It looked better now, and.. whop whoop! "I am ready to start the day" hahah (too late)
To be honest I was so touched, to see This togtherness. I might see this like almost everyday in Indonesia. but not in europe. I know that time, I am gonna miss this moment..

Overall, The event was great! I had fun times with friends and new friends. It's amazing to finally meet some of these people in person. Thankyou for being so welcome, and for all the kindness. Hope Allah will bring us all back together again, soon, InshaaAllah. and I truly looove, adore, and appreciate the RESPECT we all gave to each other. I could give it a standup applause, on how these people doesn't make the look of the other people, or the difference between us , a big deal. We are all the same, no matter what. Just for your information that not all of the people who came were moslem. most of them yes, but not everyone of 'em. even the moslems, we were all dressed up differently, but it doesn't matter, we respect each other, and we were all one. Inspirational ! This is what we should show more to the world! The positive mind, the beautiful heart, the love and the respect!  We may not look the same, we may not have the same eye shape, skin colour, we may not actually speak the same laguange, we may not came from the same place, the same country, we may not do the same thing for life, the way we dress up may not the same, but we are all one, searching peace, and spreading love. MashaaAllah !

Well anyways, There was also little Bazaar on the boat. They sold Clothing, Accessories, Cakes, Art works. etc. I bought myself some but too sad I didn't get my henna done. The queue was very long , there wasn't enough time :( Eventhough I actually really wanted toooo huhuhu. Alright, enough talking. now here are some photos I took with my camera during The High Tea on Board Event in Rotterdam, Holland... I  miss all the fun times!

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Ruba from Hijab Hills, The owner of SADOQ and I ( with SADOQ shopping bag hehe )

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with  the super nice friend of mine who accompany me during my trip to Rotterdam , Amy!

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with a bunch of beautiful girls at the event !

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There are also many shots captured by DARE photography, a photographer during the event, on the website. Click here to see more photos of High Tea on Board event at Rotterdam, Holland captured by DARE photography. I also will make one post about the outfit I was wearing at the event , so stay tune on my fashion wonderland, FASHION IN HEADSCARVES :)

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