Monday, June 9, 2014


Hi, cuties! Happy monday, I wish we all have an amazing week ahead.
Just another outfit shot I made after class. So this is basically super simple and comfy daily outfit idea. With adding something cute, cause why not! This could be an inspiration for college outfit, just like what I did. or just a lazy day outiside , hanging out with friends. etc ( PS : I didn't wear the Flower headband to college, for sure. haha. I put my crown on after class :) )

_MG_8295 copy

_MG_8329 copy

Skirt : Moshaict Hijab Store
Sweaters! Shirts! long sleeve blouse! are must haves for covered girl  or what the society called 'hijabi'. They are soo easy to be paired with anything! cause we don't have to think too much about how to cover the arms. Beacuse you know, those lazy days. when we don't have time to think too much of which outfit to wear. and just want to throw anything we see to our body.. yea, So add some more sweaters! or shirts! or long sleeve blouses! on your closet. the plain one, the pattern one, stripes, different colours, any kind! and... why not add something cute on the collection! like this cute sweater I was wearing :) with "CUTE" word on it ( there are soo many other words you can easily find in any store ) It makes the look more interesting :)

_MG_8296 copy copy

Skirt : Moshaict hijab Store

info :
Twitter : @moshaict
Instagram : Moshaicthijabsore
Facebook : Moshaict Hijab Store

And soo.. when those lazy days come, or you were out of outfits idea, paired them with skirt, paired them with pants or troussers, put some accessories on, choose the matching headscarf, wear sneakers, or your fav sandals and BAM! you're ready to go.
PS : I didn't wear any mascara for my lashes here, at all ! at all! haha pardon mee, I was soo in hurry to go to class, sooo... yea that's the story hehe

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