Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi love, happy friday!
I had busy days lately, didn't have much time to sit and blog. Eventhough I  actually really wanted to. but here I am now whishing you all have a wonderful weekend and giving a quick update!

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I am going to go to Amsterdam tomorrow, and spend my weekend with the beautiful b/vloggers, Ruba from Hijab hills and Imane from Fashion With Faith.  Seyma from Seymatje will be there too. We will join Ruba's High tea on board event, and meet the dutch! ( I actually prefer to call 'em Hollanders cause I think it sounds cooler but it is just not the right word they said. well ok this time I am being nice haha ) I can not wait to meet everyone who participate and have fun! But... I still have no idea what to wear in this last minute, hmm

Anyways  here is an outfit shot, wearing Moshaict Hijab Store pants. I do enjoy wearing wide pants lately. Cause Summer is near , everybody! I've bought some wide pants with patterns. But in this shots, I wear my plain wide pants I recieved from Moshaict Hijab Store in mint colour. It's time for a clean look! ( which I absolutely looove )
I just paired it with my plain white blouse, and my silver+gold coins necklace which I wear underneath.  it give a more 'neat' look. I also wear a pair of shoes in white to keep the tone and the clean look. this look reflects a mature and elegance side, but also young and fresh at the same time cause I wear a bright pink coat and a headscarf with a simple flowery pattern. not to forget, my cool funky shades ! haha. I tied my headscarf into my signature go-to headscarf style, which has the side knot. once again "side knot". There are manyyy ways to wear this kind of headscarf style, some has a back knot, front knot, without the knot. or tied it into a ribbon, etc. But my signature go-to headscarf style has a side knot. Oh I think I should make a post, special about my signature go-to headscarf style. what do you think ?


Wide Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store

info :
Instragram : moshaicthijabstore
twitter : @moshaict
facebook : Moshaict Hijab Store

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Soooo, See you on Boat 10, Rotterdam for high tea on board tomorrow, InshaaAllah if you are participating! InshaaAllah I will make an update about it, for those who can not join.  Now I am off trying to find some ideas for tomorrow's outfit lol. Wish me luck! and hope all goes well, Amin :) see you !

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