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These Photos were taken when I was in Geneva-Switzerland on my last eurotrip. It was a windy-sunny beautiful day! The sun was shinning so bright, The sky was so clear, but the weather is pretty cool, I loove this kind of weather! Not the weater of summer like these days, urgh I can not stand a hot weather to be honest !

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The outfit when I was wearing in geneva is pretty casual and simple. I just put a little touch of funky-edgy look on the headscarf. Basically I was only wearing pants and a blouse. ( The furry vest was just to warmth up my body a bit. And once again, it was the only layer I brought during the trip that matches most of all my outfits. that's why you've seen it a lot with my last eurotrip outfit. cause I ain't gonna wear something doesn't match! no no no). I was wearing two pieces of Headpiece. If you follow my blog, you've must be already seen I wear this kind of Headscarf foe a couple of times. This is another way to wear turban without worrying about the neck side being uncovered. Sometimes I feel like not into wearing the neck covering inner headscarf aka 'ninja' inner headscarf, or also not into wearing a neck scarf, to cover the neck side. don't you sometimes feel the same ? If you feel like a lil bit into funky/edgy look, or just wanna try a new look. This is another solution, to still got a good coverage  :)
I wear a headscarf over the turban, It can be styled in many ways, as you like. And in this look I add one cool big earring to get more the funky-edgy vibe, and to complete the look ( I didn't really wear the earring on my ear, as you can see. but on the turban hehe ) I usually tied the turban by myself, which I could make into many different styles. but that day I was wearing an instant turban which I got from Moshaict Hijab Store and the satin headscarf is also from Moshaict Hijab Store.

Location : Geneve, Switzerland
Blouse : Moshaict Hijab Store
Instant Turban : Moshaict Hijab Store
Headscarf : Moshaict Hijab Store

Move on to the clothing. Moshaict Hijab Store has many cute collection with draperies. This is one of them. The drapperis Blouse is from Moshaict Hijab Store. I looove the soft green colour. It  looks so lovely. I didn't play too much on colour on this outfit. I just wanna keep it calm and safe. Paired the soft green blouse with some nude tones pieces. 

Blouse : Moshaict Hijab Store

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