Friday, May 23, 2014


I went to 6 Countries on my last eurotrip, and I had amazing time and experiences. Here is the second Country I visited after Netherlands, Belgium! I visited Brussels - Belgium. And this is the outfit that I was wearing that day.


Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store
Photo Location : Brussels - Belgium

When it comes to fashion, I get inspired by anything. The Nature, Cultures, Environtment, Movies, Stories, Fairytales, Media, People on the street, anything. And believe me or not, I sometimes get Inspirations through my dream, yes while I was sleeping. Sound's weird but that is true. Sometimes I feel like I can control my dream, and I know I was in a dream when I was dreaming. Is there any of you who's with me ? ... Or it is just me? haha. But I can play dress up in my dream, Thinking of what outfits should I wear in the morning, I try to mix and match my outfits till I get the look that I wanted. And then in the morning, when I wake up, I know exactly which outfit should I take out from my closet, based on what I got in my dream last night. so I don't have to try them all again. cause I already got the solution. yeah, that's just me :)

Well, let's get back to Brussels - Belgium hehe. I like my outfit today. It looks like I came from a different era ( I think ),  from a long time ago, but I wear 'em in a modern way. I wear neutral shades outfits, tassels, high gladiator sandal and fur. I love the dimension my Moshaict Hijab Store pants and my high gladiator sandals gave me, When I tucked the pants inside the sandal. and then added a broken white fur vest after my broken white blouse. I don't know, it just like I see a cultural touch in this whole outfits. don't you think ?
And I tied my headscarf in a simple way, but different with my usual simple and fast headscarf style. I actually used to wear this headscarf style pretty often. If I am not mistaken, I wear this knd of headscarf style a lot on last winter, but now I seem like into my usual simple and fast headscarf style more ( for now, in daily activity, most of them for college days ) . Anyways, for this outfit I prefer this kind of headscarf style though, with a long gold glittery scarf. I choose a plain headscarf because I didn't wanna play too much on colour and pattern. I wanna keep the neutral look.  Let my necklace and hand bag shine.

IMG_9084 copy

Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store
Photo Location : Brussels - Belgium

to be continued..
See ya in "Part 2" :) for now, good day everyone! have a nice weekend with your beloved ones :)

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