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Shirt : Moshaict Hijab Store
Skirt : Moshaict Hijab Store
Photo Location : Keukenhof, Netherlands
Happy Thursday everyone!
May almost comes to its end. But for now let's go back to the beginning of May, thinking about my last eurotrip. And this post is still talking about my trip to Netherlands.

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Spring! It is time to visit the most beautiful spring garden in the world, Keukenhof. Also known as the Garden of Europe. Well, I am not going to tell you much about Keukenhof cause you can easily ask it to Mr.Google hehe. What I am going to share to you here is a lil bit about my unforgettable experience there, and the outfit I was wearing, for sure :)

You know I have a Big love for flowers. I was so excited to be in Keukenhof. I mean, C'mon! It's one of the heaven on earth, I think. Seeing this much of flowers, like 'This Much' makes my heart melts. All praise to the Creator. There were so many visittors when I was there, People were all enjoying its beauty, and taking pictures. It is hard for me to take a 'clean' picture. You know what I mean. People are eeverywhere. Everyone wants to take shots in everyside. I am not gonna make a "tourist typical picture" but a 'beautiful picture', where it's just like I belong there heheh. (Well, I think my heart has just said ' I do hihi )

I am a type of girl who like to express what I am feeling through The clothes or the Outfits I am wearing. And also sometimes I dress up well to boost my mood! You know, those days. When we feel down, or not in the mood. I need some fashion charge (shopping included lol). Cause I believe that The way we dress up expresses or can effect our mood. So that day, I didn't need to think twice to wear a big flower crown, to show my excitement, my love, my respect, for the flowers, for that beautiful place, to celebrate its beauty, the opportunity, the chance, to celebrate the moment, of happiness, joy, God's blessing. And so I came to this magical place with my big flower crown on, confidence, smile, cheerfulness, humbleness and modesty.

Let's move to the clothes. The Shirt and skirt I was wearing are from Moshaict Hijab Store. Moshaict Hijab Store definitely has everything! once again,  everything! we as covered girls need on clothing. I really thank God that Moshaict Hijab Store does exist for us. It makes everything easier when it comes to clothing. Oh I think this is a good idea... I probably need to make a special post to talk about Moshaict Hijab Store sometime, cause I honestly really appreciate that they provide anything for us as covered. And... you gotta know! What do you think ?
Back to the back, hehe. I choosed to wear a flare skirt because hey! this is a magical place, let's swing like a princess and do some dances :) I actually didn't plan to wear the white furry vest. But the weather was a lil bit chilly and so I need more layers. This vest is the only layer I brought that matches. Overall it looks good still, and even more dramatic. don't you think ? hehe.
The headscarf style is just my usual easy and fast headscarf style like you've seen very often, but I just put the end side of the headscarf on my back.

Wearing this outfits in this beautiful magical place makes me feel like a princess. It was like i just had my afternoon walk in my own flower garden behind my castle, adoring the view, singing, dancing, enjoying the fresh air. ooh I start to talk like I really belong there. hahah.

I love how fashion allows me to live my ideas, to look like what I wanna look like, to be like what I wanna be, to feel different, to feel special, to feel myself. I love how Fashion allows me to bring my imagination alive, to live in my own fairytale.

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As I steped in to the entrance, I gave my ticket to the ticket man and suddenly he stopped for a while, looked at me, gave me a smile and said "Beautiful! enjoy Keukenhof!" I gave him a smile back and say "Thankyou, have a good day to you:)". That was the first lovely experience I got there, and I had just entered the entrance. There were so many elders visiting Keukenhof, They loved to be here, to see these much of flowers, to see the beauty, to feel peaceful and the happiness. As I walked, I knew, I knew people were looking at me. I dind't feel unconfortable at all. I feel happy. Cause why? They smile, it just makes me happy if I could make someone smile, even though just by lookin' at my appearence or the way I dress up, makes people happy. I really really truly appreciate it. cause if so, They make me happy too. So thankyou so much. They were soo many people came to me just to say " you are beautiful" , " you look so lovely" , "pretty!". For me personally it is more than just words, more that just a compliment. I mean c'mon people really come to you, a stranger. just to say those words, instead of just keeping it, it takes effort. If only they know how much it means to me.

There were also many people who ask me if they can take pictures of me, of course my pleasure. and some just 'paparazi' me, I am okay with it :) I mean, we are all here to celebrate "Beauty" weren't we ? So, let's celebrate it together! and feel joy!

This is one of them them, thank you sir 

This kind of experience didn't happen once or twice. It happened very often, and everywhere, in many countries. Also when I was in Canada last year, and told you in my post A Girl in A Trip to Canada
It is not that I wanna show off to you or something. but look at me. I am just an ordinary girl. I am not a beauty queen. I am not mixed. I am not white. I have small eyes, I have small nose, small lips, I am covered.

Let's take a deep breathe and think.. realizing... that all these teach us something precious..

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Shirt : Moshaict Hijabstore
Skirt : Moshaict Hijab Store

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There is no 'ideal beauty', that beautiful is should be like this or that, just like what the social community made. Ideal beauty is just on your mind.
You are the Beauty. Being beautiful is being the best version of yourself. All you gotta do is first love yourself. It all starts from yourself. appreciate and respect yourself. and do the best as you can to be the best version of yourself. You are beautiful! ( also a reminder to myself )

PS :
let's take a little effort to make someone smile today! want you ? :)
If you are impressed by someone on the street, on social media, probably the nearest one, your neighbour, your bestfriend, you girl/boyfriend, your mom, anyone!
Come to them and say " you are beautiful" truly from your heart.
you never know how much it probably means to them. to make them realize, that they really are. Cause, everyone is beautiful. we are all beautiful, just like flowers :)

Find a mirror , Look in it, Say to that someone you see that "You are special, You are beautiful" :)

Thank God for the life we live today

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