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Hi, everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful week.
I've just got back in Germany from my euro trip, as you've seen on my instagram. I had a wonderful trip and can not believe how fast time flew, that I am now back onto this bed, again. But Alhamdulillah, "Life is a Blessing" said someone I've just knew at my transit in Copenhagen Airport, while I was chilling alone in a cafe, on my way back from Rome to Germany. He was friendly and a smart guy, well he's a professor in Luxemburg obviously. It was really nice to know him and have a small talk during our waits for our flight with our juices in Copenhagen. I smiled right after I heard him saying it. That reminds me again to be more and more grateful for everything, enjoy every moment and appreciate little things more. Cause life is beautiful, life is a blessing :)

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Back on the first day I started my euro trip. It all began in Amsterdam. I went from Germany to Amsterdam by Train and had an early morning train, well I mean, I supposed to have an early morning train. I was very well prepared. I arrived at the train station about 45 minutes before my schedule. My train would leave at 6 40. At first I arrived at the train station, the sky was still dark, there even was only me and three other guys in my platform. Two were waiting for their train and one was sleeping. I was the prettiest, till my platform got crowded and crowded. I was sitting in a small waiting room right in front of where my train would stop. I've waited for a looong time until I realized that my train actually supposed to be leaving at this time. I know, I know there was a train there but I thought it came too early to be my train. And I don't know, I don't know why I did't just move my ass from my seat and checked if it was my train or not. I just believed that it was not. But the time showed 6 45 already, this is Germany, there is no "Late", without a clear information. everything is should be "On Time". So I had to look for the Information desk and ask about my train. and you know what. That train which I alredy looked at for a long time, was my train. It was my train! How genius!

I was shock, confuse, speechless, and panic. I really wish that was a dream. I kept saying to my self "This is not a dream, This is not a dream" lol. I had to think really fast because I had to arrive in Amsterdam max in the afternoon. I walked really fast downstair with my big bagagge, a cabin luggage and my big hand bag to the ticket counter. I didn't care how much's the ticket price, I had to buy it. Though in a high price, Thank God I still got it. and now I had to wait for the next train. Sigh

That was a little unforgettable story, before my euro trip started. I always 'shake my head' everytime I remember it, hahah. The view during my way to Amsterdam was beautiful. The grass swayed, The flowers started to bloom, The sky was blue. I made and uploaded a little clip/ video of the view on my way to Amsterdam on Instagram.

But then around 15 minutes before my arrival it was suddenly raining. My professor in College said that this is not surprising, this happens everytime in mostly, April, The weather keeps changing. Once it's sunny , then It could be raining, And sometimes hailing too. So we should always be prepared.
It was cold after I arrived in Amterdam. I didn't wear coat, just this blue sweater with two layers inside ( I always do this in cold weater, sometimes it could be more thn just two layers inside, haha. but you could not see it , it is just my body appears to look fatter because of those layers inside lol )
But I still needed more layers in the outside, I brought my furry vest inside my cabin luggage. So it's easy for me to take whenever I need it. And I wore it a lot! during this trip, because The weather was unstabil, sometimes I need more layers. And my broken-white furry vest helped me a a lot from the cold weather. The very good thing is it looks stylish and matches many of my outfits. So pardon me, You'll see this furry vest very ofter on my outfit photos during this trip, hehehe.

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Now let's move on to the main thing, talk about the outfit I was wearing. So, Here is the outfit on my arrival day or my 1st day in Amsterdam. It's pretty simple, It's just the colour that so bright. yes,I went all bright, colour blocking, head to toe, because why not ?! I was inspired by spring, flowers, and my necklace. Orange - Blue - Red! Those are also the colours of my necklace that I was wearing. see ? you can get inspired by anything! and I choosed these bright colours also to express my excitement for this trip! The colour choosing of my outfit sometimes reflect and also can affect my mood, to be honest.
Creating a harmony of the whole outfits is an art work, art is beauty, art has something to do with emotion, feelings. They are all connected.

Colour Blocking always looks fantastic, it is so srpringy and summerry. Orange and Blue is one good looking colour blocking couple that you can play with.  They are complimentary colours, very vibrant and  so beautiful together. I went so colour blocky without the furry vest. But this plain broken white vest muffles the very bright look a lil bit, and makes the look even more fab!

I tied my headscarf with my usual simple and fast headscarf style with a bing and long rectangle scarf. I usually put one side of the end of the scarf on the front, and one on the back. But in this outfit I prefer to put them all on my back because I don't want to look too much, I want my front look to be clean, and focus on my bright colour blocking which mathces the necklace

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Location : Dam Square, Amsterdam

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