Thursday, May 15, 2014


Happy 5 years Anniversary, my Blog !
I can't belive this is my 5th year of blogging. Time flies, and Alhamdulillah I am still here, being able to continue its journey with you.

I celebrate it by renewing its look, as you can tell. To be honest this is my fav look of my blog so far, what do you think? It looks more "me" I guess. The reason why I renew the look of this blog is because one, it's her ( this blog ) anniversary abviously, so I wanna give her a present. She deserves to look even more beautiful.

Other than that, I want my blog looks more fresh, fun, and exciting! So you, my lovely readers, enjoy reading my blog even more. Because for me personally the 'Look' is what catch the eyes first, thn I am more interested to know more by reading it. Just like fallin' in love for most of the people ( I said it most of the people because not all of 'em, not including me lol )

I want my blog is really ' A Blog '. I know, There was time when I was just uploading pictures on my blog and say nothing at all. Just. Pictures. That time, I was like... I dind't know what to say, or didn't have much time to think what to write. or I had too many things going on in my head so that I didn't know what to say first, or afraid to say something, and ended up say nothing at all. But you have to know that deep inside my heart, I actually wanted to write something, but it didn't happen. I know you can understand this, Appologize.
I've started to talk again in my blog since about a month ago. I did really take time to calm down, relax, think, and start to write something again in my blog. It's fun actually to talk with you here on my blog, I also recieve some positive comments from you, my beloved readers, about the writting. some of you were so happy to see me back writting on my blog. Thankyou, Thankyou so much for the support.. And I want to try my best to keep it that way. To still be able to write something in my blog, because that is what 'blogging' and 'blogger' actually to mean right ?

And then, I want my blog now to be more organizedinnovative, creative, and hopefully inspiring. Since this is a fashion blog, I blog about fashion and things realated to fashion. Those are the main things I wanna focus on. Sometimes I share about life too, like quotes, personal thoughts, about what is going on around me, and stuffs. once again, about Life! not personal life. I don't share about my personal life that much on my blog, because that is not my intention here. I am an artist, not a celebrity. That is two different things.

Though I share mostly about fashion, but I also wanna share about the beauty around us through pictures, photography, travelling, etc. I'll try my best to capture it. and share it through a beautiful shot. a beautiful photo, eventhough I am not a professional photographer but I'll try. So it's more than just a fashion. but, a whole package, a beauty. because that is how I actually see it. I hope you do too :)

After all, what I wanna do here is to share,' untuk berbagi' with you, to the world, through the things I like. in this case is Fashion. and I myself personally think that this probably is another way for me to thank God, be grateful, and appreciate, what I think God has blessed me with, Art blood. Amin, InshaaAllah.
For me personally fashion is art. Fashion is my passion. And I am doing it without taking this 'thing' on my head off. Hopefully this would inspires you, to do positive things. To be more confident, To love ourselves as we are, to be creative, to not afraid to express ourselves, what we like, and to explore.
and for the 'covered' girl, like me. To be covered doesn't prevent us to keep making something beautiful., no matter what things we like, what passion we have. menjadi 'covered' tidak menghalangi kita untuk berkarya. dalam hal apapun itu, passion apapun yang kita miliki, Amin.


Lastly, I wanna say sorry, If there's any mistakes I did to you. in the end we're all just human. we learn from mistakes. we are learning, we keep learning, and will never stop learning. Let's spread love and keep loving each other !
Semoga aku, dan kamu bisa terus berkarya, Jadi, Selamat berkarya! :)

and also, I wanna say Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you to  all of you!
to all my beloved readers
to all of the people who always support me, and keep loving me just the way I am,
for all your kindness and sweetness
for all your nice words
for all your positive minds
for all your beautiful hearts
for those who always be positive
YOU ARE ALL INSPIRATIONS! keep doing the good thing you are doing, I wish you the best luck in everything you do, stay healthy and happy wherever you are.

and the last is for the best, Thank you Allah for the blessings,
Thank you

I hope you enjoy this blog, as I enjoy making it... and Welcome to My Fashion Wonderland :)

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