Sunday, May 18, 2014


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Blazer : Moshaict Hijab Store

Hi, everyone ! I hope you are all doing fine
This time I am going to share to you how I Style this Blazer from Moshaict Hijab Store. I was so interested with this blazer since the first time I took it out from the package. I like how it still looks nice on the body eventhough it looks like it is "oversized",  but it is not. I am glad that I got this Blazer from Moshaict Hijab Store, cause I have never had a blazer with this kind of style/cutting. It looks a bit boyish and vintage, to add it into my collection. The material is not too thick and not too thin, Perfect for spring. Since this Blazer already has a strong cutting, I prefer not to distract its beautiful shape by styling it with some plain and clean pieces, white skinny pants, white neck scarf, a neutral headscarved colour ( I took it from the shades of the blazer). I just tied my headscarf that way because I want to keep everything neat. At last, I accsessoriezed the look only with my white hat which I bought in Rome, Italy. and put my high boots on, wear a fringe bag. Just a daily bag. Oh, the colour of the boots and bag is still in the range of my headscarf shade, matches also with my Blazer's buttons hihi :) Have a lovely spring everyone. Stay awesome!

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Blazer : Moshict Hijabstore

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