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Pants : Moshaict
Location : Dam Square, Amsterdam

Happy friday everyone!
Back to our talk about my last euro trip and this time is still about what I was wearing in Amsterdam. You know,  I was soo excited about this trip that I wanted my outfits during those days were all well prepared. To be honest, I am a kind of person who is a lil bit, once again -  a lil bit bad at 'Packing for a trip'. Either I would bring not enough clothes, and would regret it during the trip. or bring too much clothes, but I would not even wear it because of some reasons, most of 'em are because the weather, or they just didn't fit with my activity during the trip. when I was a kid, my mom always pack my stuff whenever we wanted to go somewhere. She's absolutely brilliant! I trust her 100% on packing my stuff. even the things that I forget to remind her to bring, she already bring me. A-mazing! haha love you mom if you read this :)
But ever since I start to pack my stuff by myself, I learn. Well, I am still learning until now. and still need to learn. I learn how to pack well for a trip. And I must say that, experience makes me do it better. I learn from it lol I have to make mistakesss first to be able to pack well, too sad. I am not super good at it yet though. but... better ! yes, Better :) haha
Should I make a tips and tricks on "how to pack for a trip" sometime ? Based on my experience and what I think is work for me. I don't know, I am not an expert though, but If you would like to know how I do it, let me know :) I'll think about that.  lmao! *peace

Well back to the line! This is my Amsterdam - day 2. The weather that day was lovely. it's springy cold not too cold, and bright as the sun was shinning, it was kinda intense. Luckily I wear a hat, it helped a lil bit. but still, I bring my white vest everywhere just in case I got too cold. good to know that it also matches the outfit, yipyie :)

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My activity that day was 'canal cruising'. One of the most popular water activity in Amsterdam that tourists should not missed. We see the beauty of amsterdam from our canal boat and also get some knowledges/stories about this city. It was really interesting! I made some clips/short videos and uploaded it on my instagram : indahnadapuspita . Let's take a watch!

Now let's talk about the outfit!
What I was wearing is pretty simple actually. I loove clean look! And this colour combination has been one of my favourite for this spring. baby blue and baby purple. I also have a big love for white for this spring. I've bought many new clothes and things in these three colours lately. They even look soo nice together!

I brought some Moshaict Hijab store collections in my laguage for the hashtag (#) nadainstylewithmoshaict on instagram. I like to mix and match their amazing collection with some of my own clothes. This purple pants is one of 'em, it's from Moshaict Hijab store. I like how the material of this pants is so light, very comfortable to wear for a long time esp. when we go travelling. We really need to feel comfortable in what we are wearing when we are travelling, because we move so much, we walk , we run, etc. The cutting is nice, clean. also the colour of this pants is adorable! Perfect for my baby blue cardigan! see how they look really nice together ? so this colour combination has to be noted!  and to give it a try :)

I put a little sweetness on the outfit by wearing the white flowers statement necklace. You've probably seen me wearing this necklace a lot! because she's one of my fav, she's white, looks clean, and simple :) perfection, hu ? That's why!

_MG_7328 copyI like to wear my scarf this way (one sided) when I wear a big hat. I think it looks nice. and oh my heels are also baby purple, she looks soo feminine and cute :) Yes, I wear high heels while travelling! hehe It depends on the high heels and my activities though. I brought flats in my bag too, just in case I feel like I need to change it. but wearing heels that day was ok, and this heels are pretty comfortable to wear :)

Anyways this big red handbag is the only bag that I brought during this trip. I put all my 'important' stuffs inside, My camera, My flats, documents, money, Passpor, Candies, Compact powder, lipsticks etc,etc,etc. That's why my bag has supposed to be a big bag because I put everything inside, and yes it's heavy! and does hurt, but what else can I do, haha. unless I have doraemon's pocket I don't have to bring a big bag anymore :"( . You will see 'em with almost all of my outfits during the trip haha. Somehow it still looks nice with whatever the outfit is, because it's red! A super fresh bright neony Red! as a pop of colour.

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Pants : Moshaict
Location : Canal cruising, Amsterdam
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