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Hi, lovely hearts! How's your weekend ? hope it was great!
Continuing the previous post, sharing a bit about what was I actually up to on my last semester break..

... ( read the previous post first before you read this, or you're just gonna get lost)
 You know, because the time was very limited, I didn't get chance to do many things in Malaysia. But on the second day my Malaysian bloggers set a little meet up at KLCC so quickly, luckily we made it Alhamdulillah. There was Shea from My Amethyst , Jezmine from Jezmine Blossom and her husband, Natasha from My Soul Speaks with her daughters and I. That was the first time Natasha and I met each other. She is an artist, and well known in Malaysia. It was really great to be with these lovely people. really, I mean it. I was alone from nowhere and they are all so welcome, sweet and positive minded. My other Malaysian blogger, Ami, was really excited when we tried to set time for a meet up, but too sad she couldn't make it. And it's more sad that now she really leaves us all.If you're active on instagram and follow my account, I've posted a photo of her, and told you what happened.

Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun.. Ami shcaheera from Ami schaheera has passed away since about 4 weeks ago. She was battling Leukimia for a number of years. She was really sweet an a positive person. truly inspiration. Rest in peace our friend, Ami, and may you find love in the arms of God.
I really wish I had chance that day to meet her, but Allah knows best, I believe..

Natasha Hudson + her baby, Shea rasol and I
Jezmine, Natasha + her baby, Shea and I
with my super nice friend, Rizka


Closer look of my Outfit that day!
Feelin' casual. I didn't want to play too much on color that day, I wanted a casual simple look but still look effortless chic. that's why I choose to wear this blazer with a little touch of red floral print. I matched it with black top, black headscarf and wrapped it simply, black wedges, to focus more on my printed blazer and makes this beautiful piece looks more stand out..

Many good things happened, and I met many new people while I was in malaysia. I was impressed by this short visit. The people I met, All of 'em were so nice and postive. I love being among positive people. It's just something that I can not forget and truly appreciate. Shout out to all of the people I met there! If you are reading this, thank you, thankyou for your smiles, all of your kindness, thankyou for the time, thankyou for welcoming me, thankyou for everything. I wish you all have a great life! and hope to meet you again next time :)
Oh I wish I could stay longer, or probably I should come back again sometime, InshaaAllah..

Back to Jakarta in the morning on my third day,
Schedules're awaits! But I was excited too :) be continued

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