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Hello, Divas! Remember about the photoshoot Langstonhues and I did in Malaysia, for his book project "Modest Street Fashion" on my last semester break? It was hot on social media, and it still is. I've posted some photos and infos about this activity on my instagram, and also on my "Gypsy and A Little Update - Part 1" blogpost on the last paragraph. I received some of behind the scene photos from one of the beautiful malaysian girl I met there, taking part also in this project. Thankyou RNadia Sabrina from RNadia Sabrina for taking time to email me these photos :)

Langston and I were in action haha

As you can see, this is so street style! I mean, street style! I was in the middle of the street obviously lol. But it was amazing. I didn't care about those cars, the crowd, and anything else. I look fab here, peeps! *peace
And these are some photos of me and RNadia Sabrina. I like your outfit girl, it's almost all white with a touch of soft pink headscarf. Doesn't she look sweet ?

with RNadia Sabrina

I had amazing time there, with Langstonhues, Iman Salam from Faithfully Yours who manages this whole photoshoot activity, she is so kind.  with RNadia  Sabrina and family, With malaysian fashionista, with the phenomenal - one and only Wakdoyok , with the fabulously stylish Shahar Abdul Salam , with all of the people who participated this project, all of the cool people I met during this activity which I can not mention one by one, but you know for sure who you are!
Oh and not forget to mention all of the people who was excited to finally found me in Malaysia, took some photos, you're all so sweet ! Thankyou :)

And... Here it is, One of many shot of me taken by the talented Langstonhues. Well, let's take a look at this piece of art !

Captured by Langstonhues
Location : Bukit Bintang, Malaysia

 I decided to wear one of my most favourite piece of all time in this photoshoot, which is "Bell Bottom" pants. I am a fan of this kind of trousers. I wish I had it in all colours. Too sad it is so hard to find in this era. Please bring 'em back!

I matches this outstanding pants with my vintage Floral printed blazer ( oh yees , I looove cool blazer! ) with the same colortone. White plain top to balance the whole outfit. Black headscarf wrapped one sided ( I almost always make this kind of headscarf style whenever I am wearing a wide hat ). the black headscarf matches the handbag, the line on my hat and actually the shoes ( but you can not see it haha ). I must say that I am satisfied enough by this look. I look so rockin' 70s! in a modest way :)

Anyways, It was an honored for me to take a part of this project. we're all one making international art. I cannot wait for the book, It'll be released worldwide, InshaaAllah :)

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