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Hi everyone! How are you doing? How's life? I hope everything's fine, you're all happy and healthy. I know, I know it's been a long time since my last post. I didn't really have time to be calm, sit down, relax in front of my laptop, think about words I should wrote on my blog. Cause.. I don't know, it's like there were so many things going on on my head and I didn't know what should I tell you first. Don't you sometimes feel the same way ? or it is just me?.. but today is holiday! yesterday I've told myself, that today I must! I have to really take time to say Hi to you all through my blog! and Here I am, with my ass on my bed, laptop, socks on, realaxing music playlists keep playing, the birds are singing beautifully on this spring morning, thinking, and relaxing.. Just want to let you know that there actually many things happened lately. So let me tell you a bit about what happened in this last view months..

 In the beginning of February I had exams, soo many exams because it was the end of the first semester at college, You, college people, probably know how it was like. After all the exams are done, I was having a semester break until the begining of April which is this month. I spent most of my semester break in my hometown, Indonesia. Yes, as you've seen on my instagram post. I've told you there and posted some photos while I was in Indonesia. I updated more on instagram cause it's just easier and quicker. So go follow my instagram ( indahnadpuspita ), come and say hi!

 back to the story... After arriving at Jakarta-Indonesia early morning, I took a flight to malaysia the next morning to do a photoshoot with "Langstonhues". He's a photographer from US-America who's working on his project, he's gonna make a book, called "Modest Street Fashion". He flies all over the world to capture modest street style. He came to Indonesia as well, but I didn't make it. It was too late for me to the the photoshoot in Indonesia cause I was on my way from Germany to Indonesia. but Thank God we've talked a lot through phone and finally arrange to meet in Malaysia. I was too afraid I could't make it also in Malaysia because, my flight From Germany to Dubai got 3 hours delayed. It means that I wouldn't be able to cacth my next flight from Dubai to Indonesia on the time it was supposed to be. After arriving at Dubai, we ( the passager who continue the flight to Indoneia ) have to wait for the next flight Information, They couldn't make sure if we could make it to next flight because the seat was full they said. Oh God it was a terrible experience. Being in the middle of nowhere, and didn't know how long should we wait. I was with 4 new german friends, and 1 new Indonesian friend. We've talked a lot, we tried to cheer up each other, we made jokes, ate together, I must say that we actually had good times together but not in a good time, you know what I mean haha. Thank God we still got a flight that day, after 7 hours of waiting. and Thank God it means that I am still able to go to Malaysia the next day after arriving in Jakarta. We're all happy! we laugh, we remind each other that we shouldn't forget this day ! we were sitting in a line on the plane and were all tired as hell haha. unforgettable, but please not anymore! (the situation was actually more complicated thn what I tell you here but at least this is the point ) hehe

 I only spent 3 days in Malaysia, because my intention was just for the photoshoot with langston. I took the first flight to malaysia so that I arrived there in the morning cause the photoshoot was on that day. I have my friends who picked me up at the airport and took me to Pavilion, Bukit Bintang where the Photoshoot will be. They are Indonesians who are studying there. I was so lucky to have them, they were soo nice , they accompany me wherever I wanted to go, because I've never been to malaysia before, I didn't even know how kuala lumpur looks like, and I went there alone.... be continued

 I will continue the story later in the next post, I hope you don't mind. Cause now I have to prepare myself, Have to meet my friend at the train station in an hour. I wish you a wonderful day, and see you :)

here is a lil sneakepak of my " gypsy in the mood " look. i will post more photo of this look later, okay. take care you there :)

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