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 Hi, blogwalkers ! Thankyou for jumping in to my blog. How's you day ? Hope it was great :)
This post is gonna be the last post of me sharing a bit, to give you an idea what did I actually do on my last semester break, probably this also could explain a bit why I didn't update my blog for that long..

Read Part 1 and Part 2 on previous posts first before continuing to read this post.

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 After arriving at Jakarta from my short visit to Malaysia, The 'There gon be even more amazing days' begin.. I couldn't hold my big smile!
The main reason I went back to Indonesia on my semester break is because I am being the Brand Ambassador of Mazaya Cosmetics. We did some photoshoots, and had some events that I should attend. I've posted some of the behind the scene photos, and a video on instagram. So this was my biggest priority during my days there. I was extremely excited about this :) Thankyou Mazaya for this big Opportunity. I am a proud brand Ambassador of Mazaya Cosmetics!

 I did also some photoshoots with Moshaict Hijab Store, it's always lovely to be working with them . We're also collaborating in a book making. I am glad to be a part of. I can not wait for them to launch. Because I know there will be amazing shots inside the book, and I cannot wait to share to you what's inside the book. There will be me talking about myself more there, my thoughts, and some about my personal life. Which I probably never share before to you in my blog. because that is not my intention here, I try to be more focus on sharing about my passion and mostly Fashion. sometimes art and music too. can't wait for the book! make sure, you don't miss to have it !

and so many other little activities which means a lot to me..
but these were the biggest point haha..

 Well, you have no Idea how happy I was to be back to Indonesia last holiday. Eventhough the main reason was to work work and work, but at least I got little time to see my beloved ones again, just a little time, but Alhamdulillah. I tried to appreciate all the moment with everyone that time. that's why I didn't really have time to be calm down, sit, think in front of my laptop and to write something. I know you understand this :)

 I think I was productive enough on my last semester break, I am kinda proud of myself at this point. Eventhough, It could be better actually lol *don't slap me. "A little proud to yourself is needed !" , note that !
well, actually.. I feel like am the one who should note that to myself. Let's just be honest... I am kinda bad at this sometimes, being proud of myself. Is this new for you? You've never guessed it before? That's great though haha. Well, I think it's normal. people sometimes feel that way. don't you ? or it is just me ? ... But... too much is bad. We should have feel that way more often. It doesn't mean to 'show off',  to let the people or the world see how great you are. It is just for between you and yourself. To aprreciate, to respect yourself more. It also mens to praise to our creator, Allah.  she/he (your ownself) is gonna like it, and probably do even better next time.. you should do it to yourself, we should, I should..
Resepect yourself! Love yourself! Be proud of yourself ! cause no one can do this better than you :)

 Some photos of my outfit while I was attending a wedding party in Indonesia. All Red, accessoriesed with my white flower necklace to still get the 'young' feeling. I love this simple look. but the 'All red' makes it looks gorg! and the satin fabric of the dress simply makes it looks glamour, without trying too hard.

_MG_6292 copy
If you're following me on instagram, you must have seen me wearing this kind of headscarf style waay a lot while I was in Indonesia. yes! this is one of my kind of simple and fast headscarf style. Indonesia was hella hoooot, man. This kind of headscarf style really helped.

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