Monday, February 11, 2013


Restu Anggraini pants and top, New Look vest, @deefastore bag, 
Restu Anggraini pants and top, @deefastore bag, New Look vest

Hello everyone ! Just a quick post to wish you a cool week ahead. anyways I am wearing Restu Anggraini top and leather pants. i Love leather pants. I am so annoyed because i lost my Zara red leather pants. maybe some of you ever seen it in my old post. Gah ! where is it :'( . why do i lost many things lately, except weight! grrhh! I don't know if you can see it or not but the top has lil aztec print which is cute, i like it :) as you know, Restu Anggraini collections are available at MUSE 101, jakarta ( FX Mall ) , and Mein Muslima Designer, jakarta. follow their twitter @restuanggraini . and don't forget to follow me on twitter @nadashouts and instagram @indahnadapuspita , cao cao ! :)

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