Saturday, February 16, 2013



I was ettending my friend's mom skincare clinic's opening yesterday after college. This is not my hijab style to college for sure. I didn't hv many times to go home first so was still on my college's make up ( foundation, mascara, eyebrow pencil :p )
at least my hijab looks good that's why i re-steyled it after class, or I would look like I was sick or... everybody would be like..'who's daughter is this, where is ur mom, kid" :''(



I loved the weather anywaay , such a lovely day :)



Shirt and Dress : Gaudi 
Glasses : Fendi
Watch : Paris Hilton
Flatshoes : Payless
Juggler Chiffon : @Blankstoreid ( twitter )
Pants : @fourgirlswebstore ( instagram )
Bag : @luckymesh ( instagram )

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