Friday, February 22, 2013


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The Weather is unpredictable lately. Once you saw the sun , a lil fall of rain suddenly came. I hope you all stay healthy and happy :) I was just hanging out, had lunch, did some shopping, laughed, had a great great time last sunday. because I don't have much time to be wasted lately. sooo im craving for many things. It feels really great to wear a well-planned outfit agian. cos I'm like superbusy with college, so don't have many chances to.. you know, yeaa. Im not really into a red lipstick actualy, I mean I love seeing a woman with a red lipstick , they look amazing, but I just feel like I don't look really good on red lipstick haha, but that day I just wanted to have fun! so whatever






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Outfit :
Neck Scarf : Zara
Fringed Top : Zara
Leather Jacket : Cache Cache
Bag : Mango
Jeans : Zara
Watch : Paris Hilton

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