Sunday, December 23, 2012


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Quentin Boutique head band. @hijaburban turban
Restu Anggraini dress
New Look ring
Schöne Ferien euch allen! :) I am sooo excited! cause I am going to meet my mom,dad and my lil brother. we'll spent our holiday together. I miss them sooo bad. so what's your plan for this holiday budd ? :) It's just like a dream, that we're already standing on the end of the year. time really runs so fast, doesn't it? who's excited for 2013 ? :). I got this new dress from 'RESTU ANGRAINI'. the brand name was'Mainland Heritage' but they are changing it into their designer's name, Restu anggraini. I called her 'kak etu' who is a really nice, and humble person. I wore this dress to watch movie last night, and it was soo comfortable:) find this dress at 'Mein Muslima Designers, Jakarta' and 'MUSE 101 FX Mall, Jakarta'. don't forget to follow her twitter @restuanggraini :) happy holiday!

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