Friday, December 14, 2012


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Treimee Blazer, New Look top, Stradivarius pants, H&M scarf

I am so excited to begin my days lately, like a fallin' in love baby girl. feel so much happier and peace. There's no secret. Positive thinking is exactly the key. hope we are all always be a better person:)Amin.
 Anyway I got a new tweed blazer from Treimee,  'love at first sight' is the name of their collection, and that's what I was feeling at the first time I got this blazer. hehe. This blazer is available at 'MEIN designers store, jakarta' , follow their twitter @treimee , visit their blog here .
Don't forget to take a look at their adorable campaign video :

Have a good weekend peeps! Be grateful for everything :)

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