Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Restu Anggarini  top and pants. @Hijuaburban Turban

IMG_5870 copy
Restu Anggraini top and pants
Believe me this was not my daily look. Lol. I just played with my make up when I had nothing to do yesterday and thought that I had to take pictures before erasing them. hehe. So I took my new 'Restu anggraini top and pants' which I thought really match with the make up. To be honest, I dont know why but I feel like wonder woman. just sayin hahaha. maybe because of that killer eyeliner. well ok, Wonder woman doesn't even wear that eyeliner -.- whatever. Anyway if you like the top and the pants, you can find them at MUSE 101 FX Mall, jakarta , and Mein Muslima Designers, Jakarta. follow its designer's twitter for more info @restuanggraini .  2013 is getting nearer everybody! be ready! Let's keep spreading love and positive things ! :)

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