Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Restuanggraini blouse, New Look sandals, 

my feet bestfriend during the holiday

UPDATE! UPDATE !  :) happy new year everyoneee, i know it's too late, but better than not :) I am wishing you a great , better, wonderful year ahead :) anyway this outfit was one of my outfit on my last holiday. this comfy blouse is from Restuangraini anyway, again and again :) love the pattern and love how simple yet pretty it looks. this blouse is available at MUSE 101 FX Mall, jakarta , and Mein Muslima Designers, Jakarta :) don't forget to follow their twitter @restuanggraini . I am so sorry, for being not too productive in this blog lately. but seriously i have something so important, and have to focus of something in my real life. no worries,  i'll update this blog as often as i could :) me love ya :) anyway follow me on instagram @indahnadapuspita :) thankyaw! 

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