Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hello Everyone! I am blogging on my bed before goin' to sleep like usual. Days have been more hectic and serious lately. But still... I have to have a lil fun ! How about your days ? I hope yours gone well and get better each day :)

In this post, I am going to retell you that "MOSHAICT" and I are doing a lil collaboration for one year starts from last month ( September 2013 - September 2014 ) as I told you on my "DEPARTURE" blog post. I am going to wear lots of them outfit for one year ahead. Moshaict is a well known Boutique in Indonesia, which the store are already opened in some big cities in Indonesia. If you are covered, you must be already known this amazing boutique. Cause their collections are more focused on covered woman clothing. We call this collaboration as " Nada In Style With Moshaict ". I will tag/mention "MOSHAICT" whenever I am wearing or posting their outfits on my blog, and I won't mention any other brand except "MOSHAICT". I will put the information which part that i am wearing is from "MOSHAICT" , example : only the blazer, or the pants. I am also on Instagram, and I post many photos from my blog. Whenever I am wearing the outfits from "MOSHAICT" I will inform you, which part, and I am surely gonna hashtag #nadainstylewithmoshaict  ( only if any of my outfit is from moshaict ) on the caption.

So, Let's start this " Nada In Style With Moshaict " . Are you ready loves? I am so excited to share some looks and inspirations with you all my readers ! Don't forget to follow me on instagram : @indahnadapuspita , and @moshaicthijabstore ! And don't forget , if you wanna search some looks of me wearing moshaict outfits , simply search the hashtag #nadainstylewithmoshaict and pay attention on which part is from moshaict by reading the caption !

Here is another daily look ! photo was taken after class, so sorry for the tired face haha. I love the weather lately, It's been so friendly. but still have to bring coat, just in case the wind suddenly says Hiii! and I love this classic outfit color tone !  The Mustard mini bag is not my college bag it is actualy my camera bag hehehe :)

_MG_3319 copy
_MG_3322 copy
_MG_3330 copy

Blazer : Moshaict
Headscarf : Moshaict
Pants : Moshaict

Thanks all for reading, Now I really have to go to sleep cause hey there are still classes tomorrow! real life must go on :) Have a good one everyone

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