Thursday, June 20, 2013


I kinda miss over access or icing *ups I mean accessorizing again. I just can not handle it, when I start to enter some kind of accessorise shop days ago, It's been a while I didn't buy any accessorise again. I mean, It was not that long actualy, not even a month, I guess. but I felt like forever. So I bought some that day, and couldn't stop thinking to buy more, I came the next day to buy more, and came again the next day to buy some more. I'm not quite good at keeping my stuff, to be honest ( peace yo ). I have like many accessories before but... I broke them, I lost them, that's my bad. I have to start changing that habit cause I am 20 now. lol ( so what ). well theen, let's do over-accessorizing again ! show me those spirits ! :p



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