Wednesday, June 19, 2013




Yesterday was my 20th Birthday.  I am now officially 20 years old. I feel something different on my birthday this time. not because of the celebration or stuffs but I just feel like this is a new blank page in my life, that I am ready to fill with awesomeness, Amin. I've been through many things in my life yesterday, good and bad things. I know that I'll find much more tomorrow , but.. I really thank God for everysingle thing that happens in my life. And the lesson he gave me. I recieved many birthday wishes from you guys, I read them all. Thankyou, Thanks a lot. I feel blessed. and all of your nice prayers for me are also for all of us :)

anyway, I dress up as a Flower queen on my birthday. I just wanna feel and make my ownself special on my 20 birthday. look at my nails! aren't they cute :D the night before my birthday, I did my nailart at the nailsalon and that was my very first time ever having a manicure and nailart at the nail salon hahaha :)

the cupcakes above were from @istanastore ( instagram ) the owner gave me these cupcakes on my birthday. she's soo sweet :)

soooo yea, happy birthday to me. and to you who's having a birthday too :)





Dress : Mango
Cardigan : Zara
Accessories : Diva
Turtleneck : Promod

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