Sunday, June 30, 2013


So, I think I have to reintoduce myself and my blog a lil bit, since I have a new blog tittle. just to make it clear. Biggest HOLA to my new followers, welcome and enjoy the show. and to my supportive followers, Biggest HUG for you !

So, here is a quick Introduction !

Hi, Everyone!
My name is Indah Nada Puspita, just call me Nada
I am Indonesian and was born in 1993.
I speak Bahasa Indonesia, English, and German. 
I am a student, a model in the moment, and a designer for my fashion brand, INDAH NADA which the collections are out, just whenever I have time to design, cause college life got me very busy and I only sell them online, They aren't available in any stores yet. Hopefully one day.

I love Art, fashion, music, painting, singing, decorating, designing, acting, dancing, photography and yes I am very passionate about Art. When I was a child I do dance, fashion show, sing, paint, act, perform, speech, my parents intoduced me those and I also joined many competitions. My biggest achievements in competition so far is being The 1st World Winner of Painting Competition by Schlumberger ( SEED ) in 2005. That was incredible!

I've started this blog since 2009. As time goes by this blog changes a lot because I like to renew and update its look. I am here to share my passion in FASHION. Fashion is just like a color between many colors we know in life. It's our freedom to choose which color we like, and there's nothing wrong with that. I myself choose 'fashion'. And as a covered girl, I am doing it without taking this 'thing' on my head off which here or commonly called as 'headscarf'. That's why I tittled this blog " FASHION IN HEADSCARVES ". Headscarf is a scarf that you wrap on your head, It could be worn with any style by anyone, any culture, any religion.
and I personally consider mine a Hijab.

Well, It's nice to talk to you.
God created us in various cultures, various looks, various languanges so that we can know, learn, and respect each other. 

Thankyou for everyone who support me in everything I do and loving me for who I am

hope to see ya around !

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