Friday, June 28, 2013


If you follow me on instagram, you must be already know that I have and officially graduated from 'studienkolleg' . To be honest these past 3 years were the hardest year in my life, There are many things I've been through to pepare everything for studying in Germany. It was obviously hard. But Thank God, I'm done ! and it's worth it. InshaAllah, I'll come back to germany real soon. Amin. I know.. bad, good, hard and easy things are still gonna happen. Allah bless us all !

Anyway as you can see, I change my blog header and my blog's name into ' FASHION IN HEADSCARF' what do you guys think ? :)  I just wanna celebrate my 20 years old with a fresher blog look, and make everything.. looks new ? if does make any sense ?! whatever.
These photos you're about too see down below, were taken on my Graduation day. How Happy I was, It wasn't because that was my graduation, but to see how happy my mom and dad were. This is only a start for the bigger and better things which are going to come, InshaAllah. another reason to be happy is finally I my mom and dad see my performance again after years, I was singing 'It's Time To say Goodbye' by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. It was priceless to see their smile and to see them clapping their hands after my performance. I told my mom before, that I will be performing and sing that song, she couldn't believe but excited to see. Bytheway I looove my outfit that day! Yellow shirt, big ball blue skirt, pearls, and the headscarf. It was a special day. The skirt is what I love the most, I think it's perfect! the color, design, the fabric, ah how gorgeous it is. This skirt is my fashion brand's ( Indah Nada ) new collection which is still coming soon ! :)

So, for those who haven't folow me on instagram yet, go to my instagram profile, and let's make the blue button become green button ! talk to you guys soon ! xoxo



Skirt : Indah Nada
Belt : New Look
Necklace : Diva

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