Sunday, June 17, 2012

flowers and Laces

Neu look flower print top, Mainland-Heritage lace skirt, H&M high heels
Performing Turning tables-Adele at German International School, where my Student-college is. That was a farewell party for our senior. Glad that I could perform this song with my friends..
i've been really really busy lately, too sad that i haven't so many times for having fun. but it's alright, this is fun! -.- hahaha,  yea hope you can understand and keep supporting me in every steps i choose! btw, I'm gonna upload the video of this Turning tables cover, so just wait for that !

I want to inform you something that im soo excited about! I'm in my way of making my own fashion brand, or fashion line, or clothing line, or... whatever you call it, you know what i mean. yes, im on my way of being fashion designer. still preparing the name of the brand, anyone has ideas? I really hope that you're excited too! stay smart and fashionable! 

have a supernice sunday for you! have a too for me, 'cause there will be a German exam tumoro, uyeeeee ._______. supernice!

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