Friday, June 22, 2012

Colour Crash

I know it's too late to write about my birthday, I already said thanks through my twitter (I recieved sooo many mentions and birthday wishes, happy! eventhough I couldn't reply 'em one by one, I'm sorry)  but once again , Thank you so much for remembering my Birthday, and for all the wishes. It really means a lot for me :) Allah blesses you all :)

make a wish

Birthday cake and gift from these pretty girls, look at the box ! tones ! just like my name :)

 hehe I changed my purple cardigan into this red leopard cardigan cause I thought it matches better with the new flat shoes which my friends bought me :)

Zara (cardigan, jeans, necklace and flatshoes ),  H&M dress and scarf, Up2date inner scarf, FENDI sunglasses,

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