Saturday, October 11, 2014


Salam! Hi, fellas how are you ? hope everything's fine, you're all happy and healthy, Amin :) here I am blogging from my room in Germany. yes, Holiday ends.. so sad! Last holiday was amazing. I was travelling to many places even countries, I was in Holland, Belgium, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Met new people in my life, discovering some new things, and another amazing moments, probably you are one of those amazing moments :)

Autumn is here, it's getting colder and it's like raining almost everyday. not to forget that class awaits haha the most important part. well ok enough blabla-ing. I just wanna say I miss you.. and I know some of you miss me too hehehe. here is a post of one of my go to college outfit. stay warm, comfy, young, and coloured for classes in autumn :)

IMG_1306 copy
IMG_1308 copy
IMG_1305 copy

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