Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I am more a skirt kinda person. for me, Skirt looks and feels magical when I am wearing it. It brings out the woman/"ladylike"side in me. it makes me feel like a princess. That is why I love skirts, esp flare skirts. It just sometimes does not really fit with my daily activity and the season at the moment. cause I go to college and it's autumn. not the best time to wear skirts. and to be honest it's a lil bit hard to find skirt that I really like, fits my idealism. If you followed me from long time ago, you must be already know that I had my own brand, and I designed some skirts. beautiful skirts that match my idealism. Too sad I am now not able to continue that brand cause I am so busy with other things at the moment. hopefully one day I could still continue my passion in designing and makes all my outfits ideas alive! but for now, here is a lovely skirt from moshaict by Itang Yunasz which I do love!



IMG_0872 (2)
IMG_0873 (3)

Shirt : Moshaict
Skirt : Moshaict by Itang Yunasz
Headscarf : Moshaict by Itang Yunasz

Location : Lake Toba - Indonesia

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