Sunday, September 29, 2013


First Hello from Hannover to all my blog readers !

I am currently living in Germany again, for study. The Weather is chilly, a right time to play layers. If you follow me on instagram, you probably have seen this photo. my departure photo. I uploaded it in my 9 hours transit in Doha. My friends thought it was insane, but I kinda enjoy those hours, alone :)


The Blazer and the pants I was wearing here are from Moshaict . They kept we warm during my long long flight. follow their instagram @moshaicthijabstore for more infos and updates ! I am going to wear lotsss them outfits for one year ahead ! So stay tune for more " Nada In Style With Moshaict " ! send loves to my all lovely one from hannover xoxo

PS : Thankyou Mr.D for the beautiful flowers 

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