Friday, July 19, 2013



Hello everyone ! How's your Ramadan so far ? hope everything is going well and getting better ! Mine is good, I spend most of my time with family at home lately. It makes me happy.  These Photos above  were taken by my mom ! How awesome ! you did it good, mom, Thankyou :) If you follow me on instagram, I uploaded an istavideo about 'which photo you think should be the back cover of my book?'  Which book ? Yes, I'm making a kind of fashion book for you, so excited ! since I got so many questions about fashion, headscarves and stuffs. I don't have enough time to make videos like tutorial or something. So I decided to make a little fashion book for you and for thanking you all who are always supporting me in everything I do and loving me for who I am. So, be prepared ! I'll inform you when the book is already come out in bookstores! :)

The dress I wore in these photos above is one of my design for ' INDAH NADA 2013 Collection ' ! It's 'Goldie Dress' . I lovee this dress, cause it's simple but has gold color, shiny and the fabric is really good. I could wear it to many occasions. party? sure! put your accessories, high heels, and awesome headscarf style on ! Daily look? why not ? put your sandals on ! you can check the collection on !


Blazer : Mango

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