Monday, May 20, 2013


Hola everyone ! I'm back from my trip. How are you guys doing ? is everything alright ? InshaAllah :) I was travelling in canada, 20 hours flight from Indonesia. Whatta beautiful country, I can't stop saying subhanallah, think it's one of the most beautiful place on earth. The people are soo nice and friendly. I am in love with Canada.


I had many unforgettable memories while travelling in Canada besides the nature, beautiful views and the nice people. My group and I were on our way to Revelstoke from Vancouver and stopped at Last Spike, canadian pacific railway for a lil while. I was enjoying the view and the nice cold weather and taking some pictures. There were some other visitors there, think most of them were tourists just like me and my group. I sat down on a long wood chair and suddenly a bunch of asian people came to me. I am not sure if they were chinese, korean , or japanese. But they were all really nice and kind. they suddenly asked me to take pictures with them. Of course I would really like to. They came beside me one by one, camera was from everyside, and we took lots of pictures. I was asking myself. how cud this happen, do I look like a korean girlband or what. This was kinda weird because they didn't know me before, they had just seen me, and I didn't know them. this just happened, and this happened in Canada. They said " you are a pretty lady" , and that was really surprising me.



We continued our trip to Revelstoke and stopped again, somewehere for having dinner. I met those asian people again, we said hello and took more pictures again, that was funny! they were so friendly. After having dinner in an Asian restaurant. A weitress who was I think a canadian came to me outside the restaurant, she said "I like your outfit" I said " Thank you,  I like your earrings" . Her earrings were so cute and it was yellow, as you know yellow is one of my fav color. and then she said " You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen " .  It happened again in a same day. No words could describe how shocked I was. The fact is , the incident like these didn't happen just on that day, it happened almost everyday in canada. I am thinking, again and again, How could this happen ? Am I pretty ? These teach me to be more grateful for being who I am. cause you know, sometimes we are not. we feel so down, but the fact... everywoman is beautiful no matter which nationality, no matter which skin color or eyes size. We are all different , that's what makes us beautiful. be proud of who you are. InshaAllah..



Headscarf : H&M
Necklace : Zara
Watch : Paris Hilton
Neckscarf : Nadashouts
Skirt : New Look
Clutch : Grasya

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