Monday, March 25, 2013


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As we know, there are a lot of environmental problems that we could see clearly, but there are still not enough solutions. Indonesia, our country, have so many potential youths to make changes for our country. But unfortunately, there are not many places that could accommodate their ideas and make it comes true. But I now know there is a place for the aspirations of young people to make changes for a better Indonesia. It is Indonesia Movement Conference 2013. So you as a young generation of our lovely country can be a representation of your province! This event is FREE. You will be invited to Jakarta to share your ideas and thoughts to make a positive changes in your province. The best 5 ideas will be funded to be realized! So wait no more, register yourself to be one of delegates at the IMC Congress 2013! This will be a very rewarding experience for you! Remember, a small action could make a big difference. Be the driver of change!

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