Friday, March 23, 2012


please play this music before reading this post :)

Too busy with college life, i hope you dont mind. I miss you buddies, I hope I have time to make new blog entry at least once a week. more is better... I dont know why, the ideas suddenly came, and i just wanted to make photos with me, flowers, and butterflies, and we looked like in a "dream". ah i was too sad cause it's been a loong time i never play piano anymore, I almost forgot everysongs I knew. hope this weekend gives me chances to refresh my mind remembering 'em. I made my ideas came true, these are those photos i was talking about. Dolly's dream, my fav song to play on piano beside River flows in you. Im not that good in playing piano but at least i can, If I learn, i could. hehehe. I never learn new songs anymore. Adele-Someone like you is the latest. btw, the song you are hearing rigt now is the Dolly's dreaming and awakening while you're reading my Dolly's dream post.

keep dreaming...

| A Fashion Photography |

Photographer : Muhammad Adhiguna Sosiawan
Model, Make Up Artist, Art Director, Photo editor : Indah Nada Puspita
Outfits : H&M dress, Stradivarius Cardigan

see you as soon as possible :")

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