Thursday, March 1, 2012


 I have to have Adele's first album for sure! I already have the 21 album and loveee all of the songs. Die, I love her too much. feels like I wanna sing all her song all day long. the beats, the lyrics never stop whispering in my ear, never stop flowing in my blood. i can't bear this. if only i could really sing it live on stage with all the instruments and im as the Queen of the stage, or just covering them in videos. hfff im dreaming.... again.

Pull and Bear scarf, Filendra vest, Colorbox pants, H&M wedges, (X)SML necklace, Mango bag,  
Pull and Bear glitter scarf, Filendra vest, Colorbox pants, H&M wedges, Mango bag

(X)SML necklace, Mango bag, Filendra vest, Paris Hilton watch

Pull and Bear glitter scarf
Filendra vest

Thankyou so much "Filendra" for the vest :)
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kindly visit their website 

so much love,
Indah Nada Puspita

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