Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You Don't Know

Zara leather pants, Mango bag, Neu look highheels

Zara leather red pants, Mango hand bag, Neu look highheels

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Zara leather pants, Mango bag, Neu look highheels

Like I said, I love wearing something different, i love being different. This' Just a simple daily look of mine,  which i love so much. this is really "me" i guess. plain shirt, with red leather pants, leopard print highheels. pale lip color, fierce eyebrow. yes, i know this' gonna be my day!

February, i can't believe that time  runs so fast, too fast i guess. it feels like yesterday i had just said "yay we'll gonna face 2012 soon" . but now... we already left january. gonna begin my student-collage soon. hope it'll be fun! 'll meet many new friends, again. Love life, life's gonna love you

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