Friday, November 4, 2011


Body&soul shirt, H&M skirt

Zara necklace

Hello loves,  I made my turban tutorial, this is the basic way to make a turban style, hope this video gives you some ideas to make your own turban style :) for better quality, watch it on my youtube channel, indahnadapuspita93 or click here

since i realize that my closet is overload , i plan to sale some of them. yap, like a "garage sale" but im surely not going to sale them in my garage, but in a blog. so you can easily see them. what do you think? are you gonna be the one who interested to buy my stuffs ? i hope so :) help me to tidy my closet up ! im gonna tell you in this lovely blog if i already finish making my "garage sale" blog :)

kisses and hugs, Nada :-)

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