Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeting Mutans !

Late update ! sorry... I had no pulse for my surfstick so i couldn't upload any photos in my blog, always failed. but now so happy that I can say hello to you all guys again! hehehe, Ach ja, I already watch X-Men last friday, and i did not regret it at all. Can't wait to watch the next X-Men movies. Das war Super ! Trust me :) hihi. I already watched Pirates of Caribbean 4 too, and I was in love with that movie, altough i never watched the 1 2 and 3... hehehe. emm I watched Hangover 2, 3 days ago. It really stole my heart haha, I do really love to watch Hangover 2, feels like i wanna watch it again for the second time. You guys have to put "Hangover 2" on the second number of your "Must watch list" after X-Men :p

Zara, Mango, H&M

BOO!!! hehehe

 See you guys! keep loving me like i do .. :)
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