Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i suddenly become a chef

believe or not, since i live in germany, i can cook my own meal, and they're all taste good ! really ! my boyf and i become in love with my cook. i never think that i could cook oneday, cause i thought cooking was sooooo not ineresting. but now ... tadaaa !!!! i cook by myself, and you may trust me , they are all delicious, hummmm nyumm nyummm i become hungry owh nooo :)

wanna see the result ? just sit down and see dont be envy :p

perkedel :)

Pastaa :)

Nasi Goreng Kebuli :)

Soup Jamur :)

Jamur Lada Hitam :)

that's it ! what do you think ? wanna taste ? i promise they're better than farah quinn's , cause it made by Nada Queen :) hehehehehehe :p

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